A new station along the Stouffville/Lakeshore East GO Corridors is planned to serve emerging waterfront communities west of the Don River as well as a major proposed development (East Harbour) on the former Lever Brothers site (Unilever). The station is proposed to be located on the east side of the Don River, to the north of Lake Shore Boulevard, south of Eastern Avenue. The City is conducting a planning study to comprehensively plan for a concentration of new employment uses in this area, referred to as the “Unilever Precinct”, and forming part of the South of Eastern Employment Area.

A preliminary application for an Official Plan Amendment for the Unilever Precinct is being considered. It is proposed to result in approximately 50,000 jobs when fully built out. Discussions with landowners, Metrolinx, and City staff are underway to assess technical issues related to planning the station integration with the future development of the precinct. The primary Precinct landowner and East Harbour proponent, First Gulf, has expressed willingness to be a funding partner for design and construction of the station.

East Harbour will be a significant interchange station, providing connections with the planned Relief Line and Broadview streetcar extension. The station will be the most direct rapid transit gateway in the network to the future development planned in the Port Lands.

The immediate station area is not currently served directly by any transit routes. GO trains along Lakeshore East and Stouffville GO corridors pass through the area but do not stop. The 143 Downtown/Beach Express bus operates on Eastern Avenue north of the proposed station but does not stop in the area.  The 501 Queen, 502 Downtowner, 503 Kingston Rd, 504 King streetcar routes operating on Queen Street East north of the proposed station are the closest existing transit connection available. A new future north-south streetcar route on the existing and planned extension of Broadview Avenue is planned, as part of the port lands redevelopment.

Station Area Profile

Unilever SmartTrack Station Area