The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Groups (SAGs) is to represent the broad range of interests to contribute to the planning and design process of the new SmartTrack and GO stations across Toronto, including as part of the Transit Project Assessment Process.  The active participation of local stakeholders within the station areas as well as from the broader community is a critical component of the project.  A total of eight SAGs will be established for each station to represent local interest.  There will also be one SAG established with representatives from city-wide groups to represent broader interests.

Through the establishment of the SAGs, the City/Metrolinx/TTC Project Team will:

  • Gain advice from SAG members to inform development of public consultation materials.
  • Share information with SAG members about the public consultation process and events, who in turn are encouraged to share the information and promote events with their communities and memberships.
  • Inform SAG members about the planning and design work being undertaken for the new stations.
  • Provide SAG members the opportunity to ask questions of technical, planning and design experts and discuss the project with other community leaders.
  • Learn from SAG members about issues and opportunities that may inform the planning and design of the new SmartTrack and GO stations.


The City-wide and local SAGs are independent of one another, with no relationship or hierarchical reporting structure.  Local SAGs will focus on issues and opportunities that are within the respective local station area, whereas the city-wide SAG will focus on issues and opportunities from across the City.

Each SAG is a forum and opportunity for community leaders, residents groups, businesses, service providers, advocates and experts to become involved in the planning of new SmartTrack and GO stations across Toronto.  Advice and comments received from SAG members will be used as prioritized advice by the Project Team and inform development of recommendations to governing bodies (City Council, Metrolinx Board, etc); however, SAGs do not have any binding decision-making authority. While every effort will be made to respond to or incorporate the input and comments received, the responsibility for making final recommendations rests with the Project Team. Recommendations will be brought forward to decision making bodies including Metrolinx Board, TTC Board and City Council.


A comprehensive list of potential SAG members for each station and city-wide has been developed by the Project Team, with input from local City Councillors and local MPPs.

SAG memberships include:

  • Representatives of residents and business associations and groups
  • Representatives of local and city-wide agencies, service providers, institutions and organizations
  • Major land owners adjacent to the stations
  • Advocacy and interest groups

City Councillors, Members of Provincial or Federal Parliament or their staff are not eligible to be SAG members, but are informed of the SAG meetings and may attend and observe.

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

Spring 2018 – Supplementary Meeting

Winter 2018 – Meeting #2

Fall 2017 – Meeting #1