To request presentations, consultation materials, staff reports and other project related materials, please email SmartTrack@toronto.caAll materials noted below are also available upon request.

October 2017

Public Meeting Summaries

Stakeholder Advisory Group Materials 

October 2016

June 2016

Technical Memos and Reports

Public Meeting Materials

  • Presentation
  • Summary Report

March 2016

February 2016

Technical Memos and Reports

Public Meeting Materials

January 2016

Technical Memos and Reports


  • 2A GO Kitchener Corridor Track and Signals Schematics
  • 2B Railway Crossing Structures on GO Corridor
  • 2C Renforth Gateway Project Description
  • 2D Plan and Profile of Eglinton Avenue West Road Surface
  • 2E Publicly Held Property on Eglinton Avenue West
  • 2F Draft ECLRT Plan and Profile at Mount Dennis
  • 2G Highway 427/27 Vertical Clearance Constraints
  • 2H Buried Pipeline Data
  • 2J Profile of Airport Road
  • 3A Applicable Railway Regulations
  • 3B Grade Crossings Regulations and Grade Crossings Standards
  • 3C City of Toronto Traffic Counts
  • 5 CADD Plan and Profile Alignment Sketches
  • 6 1992 GO Transit Electrification Study
  • 8A Neighbourhood Improvement Areas
  • 8B Existing Population Density
  • 8C City Planning Policies
  • 8D Barriers
  • 8E Property Impacts
  • 8F Key Destinations, Community Services and Facilities
  • 8G Existing Employment Density
  • 9A Existing Surface Transit Routes with Peak Frequencies
  • 9B Current Cycling Infrastructure
  • 9C Current Pedestrian Infrastructure
  • 10 Alignment Evaluation Table

June 2015

Public Meeting Materials

From June 13 to 25, eight Public Information Sessions were held across the City to consult with and inform residents about network transit planning and the projects that will transform the way you move around Toronto and beyond. The SmartTrack Public Consultation Report summarizes themes of feedback and will be available for download soon.

  • SmartTrack Public Consultation Report
  • Appendices A-E

October 20 meeting of Executive Committee.

Presentation materials

  • Presentation

Display Boards

  • Introduction
  • Eglinton West Corridor

Maps: Potential Corridors and Conceptual Alignments

  • Continuous Service: 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C
  • Separate Service 3A
  • Base Reference Case LRT

Summary Reports