The City, Metrolinx and TTC have been working to develop options for SmartTrack in partnership since January 2015, when City Council approved a joint work program.

SmartTrack will increase transit options for people moving around Toronto in the short term by making better use of existing transit infrastructure while we plan longer term investments in additional capacity.

It builds upon Metrolinx’s GO Regional Express Rail program, which includes significant increases in off-peak service on five of the existing GO corridors, by proposing more stations and lower fares on the Stouffville, Lakeshore East and Kitchener corridors.

Current GO corridors in the City of Toronto highlighting future RER 15 minute/two-way-all-day service (dark green)
SmTk-Map 2

SmartTrack will help relieve capacity limitations, which currently affect many parts of the transit network, including the subways serving Downtown, the SRT in Scarborough, streetcar routes east and west of the downtown and individual bus routes throughout the City.

Particularly, it will help relieve overcrowding on the Yonge Subway line and address congestion at Bloor-Yonge station. It will also help in addressing the growing gap between the growth in the City’s population and employment and the growth in transit service.

SmartTrack/RER Integration Scenario – With up to 6 New Stations











The recommended SmartTrack/RER Integration scenario includes up to six new SmartTrack stations, including Finch, Lawrence, Gerrard and Unilever on the Stouffville/Lakeshore East GO Corridor and Liberty Village and St. Clair West on the Kitchener GO Corridor.

SmartTrack will provide new options and choices for people to get around the City efficiently and easily, improving their access.

SmartTrack and GO RER Integration

GO RER is the expansion of GO service and is the foundation of SmartTrack, transforming GO RER to be faster and more frequent throughout the day. It is a funded program being delivered by Metrolinx. SmartTrack is an opportunity to integrate GO and TTC transit services within Toronto, enabling GO corridors to provide new transit capacity for trips to, from and within the City of Toronto.

Project Materials

Detailed technical work has been completed on the estimated travel demand for SmartTrack, and the feasibility of the proposed SmartTrack Western Corridor.