New GO Expansion Stations

Bloor-Lansdowne GO Station

Spadina-Front GO Station

Current Work (August 2018)

In 2017, Metrolinx completed an Environmental Project Report (EPR) for the Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion (BRCE) Project. The BRCE Project included the provision of a second track between Lansdowne Avenue in the City of Toronto and Allandale Waterfront GO Station in the City of Barrie; upgrades to existing GO Stations; and a new train layover facility. Subsequently, Metrolinx identified the need to add new stations that had not been evaluated in the initial EPR, including two new stations in Toronto – Bloor-Lansdowne GO Station and Spadina-Front GO Station.

Metrolinx has now completed an EPR addendum for these two new GO stations. The Notice of EPR Addendum includes further information on the project, the EPR addendum and commenting opportunities. Click here to view the Notice of EPR Addendum

Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion EPR Addendum
Note: The documents below relate to the new GO Stations in Toronto only. For the complete EPR Addendum, please visit Metrolinx’s website

Volume 1 – Environmental Project Report Addendum

Volume 2: Spadina-Front GO Station Design and Technical Studies

Volume 3: Bloor-Lansdowne GO Station Design and Technical Studies


At its June 28, 2016 meeting, the Metrolinx Board approved two non-SmartTrack stations on the Barrie GO Corridor (Spadina Station and Bloor-Lansdowne Station) to be delivered as part of its GO Expansion program. City Planning supports Metrolinx in the implementation of these proposed GO Expansion stations. Both proposed stations would provide key connections for transit users, provide people with mobility choice, increase demand on the future GO Expansion system by providing connections to TTC rapid transit and significantly increase transportation accessibility. Overall, the development of GO Expansion, including these stations, would contribute to Toronto’s city building vision.

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