GO Expansion is part of a 10-year program by Metrolinx that promises more frequent, two-way, all-day service to a vast expanse of the GO rail network, with electrified service in core sections. Every area will see improvements, whether through more two-way, all-day service, or more rush-hour train trips. By expanding and electrifying the GO rail network has the potential to greatly enhance the quality of life for GTHA residents. GO Expansion is bringing more train trips to every GO rail corridor to move people across the GTHA faster and easier, so you’ll have more ways to connect to the things that matter. This means:

  • Electric trains running every 15 minutes or better, all day and in both directions, within the most heavily traveled sections of our network
  • Four times the number of trips outside of weekday rush-hour periods, including evenings and weekends
  • Twice the number of trips during weekday rush-hour periods

Current GO corridors in the City of Toronto highlighting future RER 15 minute/two-way-all-day service (dark green)A number of locations have been considered as part of the plan to enhance the regional transit network. These locations were the result of a system-wide analysis and included locations which are part of existing municipal and public plans. We developed a clear process and methodology for assessing all locations, as new stations have potential positive and negative impacts that need to be considered. For example, while well-located stations can help to integrate regional and local transit and improve access to transit for surrounding communities, adding too many new stations in any corridor could increase travel times and delays that in turn discourage ridership. Our process and methodology for evaluating new stations recognizes the need to balance service frequency, expansion and cost with local benefits.

Every area will see improvements, whether through more two-way, all-day service, or more rush hour train trips.

Visit the GO Expansion webpage to learn more.