The City of Toronto understands that good planning involves the community, and that better decisions are made when many perspectives are considered. We want the community’s help to shape plans for how we will deliver a fast, reliable, safe and enjoyable transit service to meet the needs of current and future customers.   Participating in the planning of our rapid transit system is an opportunity for local residents, businesses, institutions and transit users across Toronto to be involved.

We want the community’s help to shape a plan for the SmartTrack that meets the needs of all users and the community.

Our Commitment to You:

  • We will engage the public in ways that are transparent, collaborative, inclusive and authentic
  • We will invite feedback at every stage of the process – both in person and on-line

We know that the best results come by more people participating in and contributing to the conversation. We are listening to your views.

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Public Consultation Principles

  • Inclusiveness – Engage the widest possible audience through multiple consultation opportunities
  • Timeliness – Offer early and ongoing opportunities for participation well before decisions are made
  • Transparency – Participation will be widely communicated through multiple communications channels
  • Balance – Provide opportunities for a diversity of perspectives and opinions to be raised and considered
  • Flexibility – Adapt as required to meet the needs of participants
  • Traceability –Demonstrate the impact of participant input on decision making


The City respects your privacy – your email address will not be shared without your permission. Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.