City and TTC staff have been working with Metrolinx to review the 8 to 12 stop locations between Mount Dennis and Renforth Gateway. A working group consisting of staff from City Planning, Transportation Services, the TTC and Metrolinx evaluated each of these stop locations considering the usage of the existing TTC bus stop, connecting TTC routes, existing and projected population and employment, development potential and nearby destinations.  Through this process it was determined that approximately 10 to 11 stop locations will be carried forward into the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) to update the previously approved EA, if necessary.

Proposed LRT stops at Renforth Road, Rangoon Drive and The East Mall are not recommended to be carried forward. A stop at Russell Road/Eden Valley Drive may be included, depending on the feasibility of providing local bus service to this location.  TTC is currently studying options.

Wherever possible, allowances will be made in the design of the Eglinton West LRT for the protection of future stop platforms at these locations should they be deemed warranted in the future.

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Up to five grade separations are being considered for inclusion in the LRT project to mitigate impacts to traffic and improve transit operations. The five potential locations are:

  • Martin Grove Road
  • Kipling Avenue
  • Islington Avenue
  • Royal York Road
  • Eglinton Flats

Further technical work is being undertaken to confirm the feasibility and estimate the costs and benefits of each grade separation. Recommendations regarding the inclusion of grade separations will be made to City Council in  2017 alongside other project details and the refined cost estimate for the project prior to commencing the TPAP, if required, to amend the approval under the Environmental Assessment Act.