July 2016 (Current Status)

In July 2016, City Council approved an Eglinton West LRT with between 8 and 12 stops between Mount Dennis and Renforth Gateway, and up to five potential grade separations at Martin Grove Road, Kipling Avenue, Islington Avenue, Royal York Road and Eglinton Flats (EX16.1). City Council also directed City Planning and the TTC to work in partnership with Metrolinx, the City of Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority to further develop the options for extending the LRT to the Pearson International Airport.

The initial business case analysis for the Eglinton West LRT concludes that an LRT with between 8 to 12 stops is preferred. The City and TTC are working closely with Metrolinx on their comprehensive planning work related to the LRT. Different configurations of stops and targeted grade separations will be analysed using detailed traffic modelling to better understand the relationship between the LRT and other traffic. Potential grade separations have also been identified at Martin Grove Road, Kipling Avenue and the Eglinton Flats.

June 2016

The Eglinton West LRT is an extension of the Metrolinx Crosstown project, and discussions with the Province of Ontario as the asset owner of the Crosstown are required with respect to issues of project delivery. The City is working with Metrolinx to determine opportunities and implications associated with expediting the project delivery schedule as a next step.

Key next steps for advancing the planning and technical analysis include:

  • Undertake a planning study for the Eglinton West Corridor from Mount Dennis to Etobicoke Creek
  • Further review traffic operations, stop locations, and grade separations and integrating design excellence and sustainability objectives.
  • Continue working with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority on the alignment connecting to Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  • Coordinate planning with the City of Mississauga on the interface with the BRT.
  • Continuing to consult with the public in Toronto and Mississauga on the development of the Eglinton West LRT plans.

Western Corridor Feasibility Review

March 2016

City Council directed staff to remove heavy rail options from consideration for the SmartTrack western corridor. City Council also directed staff to develop recommendations for the extension of the Eglinton West LRT from Mount Dennis to Mississauga Airport Corporate Centre (MACC) and to Pearson International Airport, including the number of stations and potential grade separations12. In addition, City Council also directed staff to work with Metrolinx to assess opportunities for expediting the project delivery schedule for the extension of the Eglinton LRT west and to report to Executive Committee in June 2016. An initial business case has been developed by the City, Metrolinx and TTC and is included as Attachment 3 to this report.

Six options were studied with different numbers of stops, different technology, as well as different degrees of grade separations. An EA for the full Eglinton Crosstown LRT from Kennedy Station to Pearson Airport was approved in 2010, which included 14-stops Staff report for action on Toronto’s Transit Network Plan 25 along Eglinton Avenue West, between Mt. Dennis Station and the Renforth Gateway. The approved EA option is the base case for analysis.

December 2012

Metrolinx assumed management responsibility for the project has become the sole proponent. Subsequently, the project was divided into two phases at Weston Road (the site of the Mount Dennis Station) and proceed with the phase from Mount Dennis Station to Kennedy Station and defer the section from Weston Road to Pearson International Airport due to funding limitations.

March 2010

Eglinton Crosstown LRT Environmental Project Report is completed and submitted to the Ministry for approval. Notice to proceed is issued on May 17, 2010.

November 2009

City Council approved the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project Assessment Study and authorize the submission of the Environmental Project Report (EPR) to the Ministry of the Environment.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and City of Toronto undertook the Transit Project Assessment for the 33 kilometre long Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (Eglinton Crosstown LRT) corridor that would link the Pearson International Airport with the Kennedy Station. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT will connect with the Spadina Subway Line, the Yonge Subway Line, the Scarborough RT and the planned Jane Street LRT, Don Mills Road LRT, Scarborough-Malvern LRT, and Mississauga BRT.

This study recommends that bus services along Eglinton Avenue be replaced by Light Rail Transit (LRT) with electrically powered light rail vehicles operating in a designated right-of-way located primarily in the centre of the street.

This change in transit service along Eglinton Avenue is recommended as part of the TTC Transit City Plan for a widely-spaced network of electric light-rail lines throughout the city, with seamless interconnections to existing and future transit services. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is one of seven new lines being planned as part of Transit City to provide a new high quality transit service along several busy existing transit routes.

This project includes the 17 stop Eglinton West section from Mount Dennis to the Airport area.